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Jun 04, 2024

Our inventory of commodity gates, globes, and checks is complemented by our extremely large selection of ball valves, lubricated and sleeved plugs, knife gates, butterfly valves, duo checks, wye pattern globes, tilting disc checks, globe style silent checks, diaphragm valves, sampling valves, and many others. Valve materials include stainless steel, cast steel, forged steel, chrome-moly, ductile iron, 3% nickel iron, cast iron, and stainless alloys. Teflon and other plastic lined valves and fittings are also available at Stovall Engineering.

Please use the link within our storefront profile to access specific information on Stovall Valves.

Stovall Engineering Co., 2165 Latham St., Memphis, TN 38109. Tel: 800-238-2556; Fax: 901-946-9208.

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