Prosser's Chukar Cherry Company Sends Sweet Help To Hawaii
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Prosser's Chukar Cherry Company Sends Sweet Help To Hawaii

Jan 21, 2024

Chucker Cherries in Prosser is helping people recover in Hawaii. Chukar Cherries is donating $5000 to the American Red Cross in Hawaii, which is helping with emergency aid, shelter, and health services to those impacted by the deadly fires.

Officials at Chukar say the raised the $5000 donation by allocating a portion of proceeds from one day of sales.“We notified our customers that 20% of the day’s proceeds would be donated to support Maui relief efforts. We saw a bump in sales that day, showing how much our customers care. We rounded up our customers generous efforts to $5000. There is no shortage of need, and we thank our customers for joining us in supporting this effort,” says Marketing Manager Wynne Auld.

This is a special year for Chukar Cherries in Prosser as the company celebrates 35-years in business. The company started in 1988 at the same location you'll find the company today at the Port of Benton Prosser Airport Business Park in Prosser, WA.

Today, 35-years later the company has 60 full-time employees who call Prosser home. They work to process some 500,000 pounds of cherries every year as they juicy cherries are turned into "chocolate-covered cherries, no sugar added dried cherry and nut mixes, Northwest cherry gifts, and more."

You'll find Chukar Cherries in Prosser and all over the state including at Seattle's Pike Place Market where they've been selling since the mid 1990's. You can also order online at

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